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You can read the BASA submission to the Department for Education’s proposed changes to the National Curriculum by clicking HERE

Newsletter 63 is now available for download by clicking here featuring articles about Medieval TravellersThe Chinese in Victorian Britain and a case study looking at the impact of the BBC and race issues as well as the regular book and conference reviews and historical figures and documents.

You can also read the latest book and journal reviews on the news page by clicking here

The Black and Asian Studies Association (BASA; till October 1997 ASCACHIB) was formed in 1991. The aim of the Association is to foster research and to disseminate information on the history of Black peoples in Britain. A Newsletter was published three times a year until 2013. We take up issues with government departments and quangoes, such as English Heritage re-Blue Plaques and much else, with the QCA on school curricula, and MLA regarding archives, libraries and museums. We have also worked on specific projects with other organisations. e.g. teh Runnymede Trust and in the past with CASBAH, and the National Archives’ website on the history of Black peoples in Britain since the mid 16th century.

You can also read about the different activities that BASA has been involved in:

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